Alameda Middle School ​ - Ashe Construction

Values Driven School doubles its education facility

Phase 1 of this development created a two storey education building for students up to year 8 with the design being adapted for a phase 2 extension at a later date.
Clarke Banks are in the business of defining the design challenges and helping your design team overcome them whilst staying fully engaged with the project vision.
- Christopher Stancombe - Contracts Manager - Ashe Construction

How we added value

As a valued member of the team, Clarke Banks guided the design through the challenges of Building Bulletin 100 to a successful approval and occupation within a short construction phase due to school timetables.

Alameda Middle School ​

Ashe Construction

  • Building Control Approval

Value - £1,100,000

A BB100 education facility situated over 1200m² which doubled the provision of education facilities for the existing school.

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