Disco House, London, W11

A home inspired by the style of socialite and "Last Swan" Marella Agnelli of the Fiat empire

The Disco House in Notting Hill, London, is the fifth collaboration between architect William Smalley and Danny Pine, founder and creative director of interior design and property investment company Pinzauer. From the shell that they found five years ago, this dynamic duo has fashioned six floors of decorative delight, using a delirious mix of Italian and bespoke pieces.
The experience of working on projects as complex and ambitious as the Disco House can feel like a journey, or pilgrimage even. In the wrong hands, the Building Regulations, good and necessary as they are, can feel like a series of obstacles placed to trip you up along the way. Instead, with Clarke Banks on board, the process simply feels part of the shared journey.
- William Smalley - RIBA


Understanding that the not inconsiderable challenge for Smalley and Pine was to preserve (or more accurately, recreate) the character of a Victorian townhouse while incorporating 21st-century essentials such as the display kitchen, the twin walk-through wardrobes in the master bedroom, the home cinema and a Peter Zumthor / Vals-inspired spa room in the basalt-lined sub-basement. Ensuring the house complied whilst delivering the design ethos was no mean feat.

Disco House, London, W11


  • Building Control Approval

Value - Confidential

The Disco House in Notting Hill, with six floors of evocative spaces in which materials convey character, from the grasscloth screening room and hand-tooled stone spa in the newly created basement, through the three-shaded marble kitchen, past the Villa Necchi-inspired winter garden (indulging a whim of the client) and the dark rosewood library and pale silk drawing room, to the leather-lined master bedroom with double cedar-lined walk-through wardrobes to a stone and amber glass bathroom.

Throughout, a clarity underpins the richness


Photos Credit - www.lukewhite.com

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