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Aurum have the ambition to become the best luxury watch and jewellery retailer in Europe. Providing outlets for a number of elite brands, they have set out to inspire their colleagues and amaze their customers.
Clarke Banks are our trusted partner, we value the way that they are willing to give us informal feedback and advice at the outset, so that we know our design is going to work before we even get into the nitty gritty of a project.
- Sonia Brown - Director - Quadrant Design


Retail is a fast moving industry and time is money, especially for the watch and jewellery retailer Aurum. Clarke Banks integrated themselves into the multiple design teams to ensure consistency across all projects enabling the fast track construction programmes to be achieved nationwide.


National Framework

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Providing luxury watches, jewellery and silverware craft since 1775, Aurum are the leading retailer within the United Kingdom.

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