Henlow Pavilion - Ashe Construction

Henlow Sports Pavilion - Amazing new Sports Pavillion

This new multi purpose building provided dining, changing facilities and community space, built on the old pavillion grounds giving new life to a facility that is steeped in history.
Having worked with the team at Clarke Banks for a number of years now I can safely say that they always deliver. The company as a whole just seems to work like a well designed and consistent machine that follows the same process for delivery time after time, they are always there for us when we need that essential piece of advice. In addition to this they have always been pro-active in their approach to achieving Building Control Approval which we find invaluable when working on fast pace and short programme schemes.
- Steve Baldwin - Managing Director - Solution Engineers

How we added value

As one of the contractors strategic partners, Clarke Banks made key decisions quickly which allowed them to tender and win this project with confidence.

Henlow Pavilion

Ashe Construction

  • Building Control Approval

Value - £550,000.00

Ashe Construction always aspire to be the best and have created their core values around the ASPIRE ethos. Read more on their website


Photos Credit - www.asheconstruction.co.uk

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