Virginia Water Visitor Centre - Ashe Construction

Eco Efficient Timber Frame building

This super efficient building was made from predominantly timber construction and included LED lighting, Heat pumps, Photovoltaic cells for the generation of electricity and rainwater harvesting.
Unlike other inspectors we’ve worked with, Clarke Banks are always there when we need them and always find cost-effective, simple and innovative ways to do things. They make our delivery team feel supported, comfortable and certain that we’re doing things correctly and safely. In all honesty, they’re our go-to.
- Daniel Armes - Technical Director - Ashe Construction

How we added value

Understanding that the design of this building had to be sympathetic to its special surroundings within the amazing crown estate.

Virginia Water Visitor Centre

Ashe Construction

  • Building Control Approval

Value - £1,400,000

The great lake gets its own visitors centre

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