The biggest changes to building safety in a generation

Following the Grenfell Tragedy and the Government’s ongoing review of the suitability of the Fire Safety Guidance and Competency of the Industry. Changes which have been labelled as “The biggest changes to building safety in a generation” (1) are beginning to be introduced. The first is a significant change to the requirements surrounding sprinklers in residential blocks of flats (apartment buildings)

So what do you need to know? 

The Key Changes (2)

The changes focus on the following fire safety provisions in blocks of flats:

  1. Sprinklers: A reduction in the trigger height from 30m to 11m.
  2. Wayfinding signage for the fire service: A new recommendation for floor identification and flat indication signage within blocks of flats with storeys over 11m.

In addition a typographical error is corrected in both volumes. Purpose group number 2 is now included in reference to ‘residential’ buildings in the guidance on boundaries.

The Key Dates 

Approved Document B has been updated and will be in effect on 26th november 2020 for use in England.

The 2019 edition will continue to apply where a building notice or an initial notice has been served by Clarke Banks (Building Control) before 26 November 2020 and either the building work to which it relates:

  1. has started before that day; or
  2. is started before 29 January 2021

So what do you need to do?

Many projects have been designed and costed already, and could be commenced before the deadline for the application of the new standards. All you need to do to protect your project is

  1. Contact Clarke Banks to start the process of getting your Initial Notice Served.

You can do so by clicking the link below

  1. Click here to get help with advice and the new regulations


  1. Government confirms the biggest changes to building safety in a generation
  2. Download may 2020 amendments

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