Clarke Banks Group – Covid-19 Continuity Plan

It’s Business As Usual – With a few minor changes!

At Clarke Banks we recognise that with the recent outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) we are all experiencing unexpected challenges in our everyday lives that we have never encountered before, but now is the time to adapt. As with any situation communication will be key.

As of Monday 23rd March 2020, Clarke Banks has had to enter into a period of hibernation to safeguard all our team members and to ensure that we carry on trading long into the future. We are operating on a skeleton staff basis so please be mindful that at this challenging time, it may take us longer to respond to you. If you need any help or assistance please send your question to or dial our national line on 0333 344 5227 and leave us a message.

In line with Clarke Banks flexible working practices, all employees have mobile phones, computers/laptops and access to conference call facilities to ensure continuity of service to you. Our technical team and administration team will still have the ability to generate and issue important documents as usual using our cloud-based state of the art CRM software.

While meeting face to face may become increasingly difficult, we would like to reassure our clients that even though our team may not be there in person, we will still deliver the excellent service that you are used to. As a tech focused business, we are already well equipped to deal with this situation. Business will continue as normal with a few minor changes to non-critical building control inspections.

At this stage it is crucial to avoid any non-essential site visits or project meetings, however critical inspections will still take place under a risk assessment protocol. It is important that your communication with us is clear and concise referencing the full project address at all times.

Building Control Inspection Protocol

Critical Inspections – We will still need to attend site to inspect these under a risk assessment protocol. We may be asking you to ensure minimal persons on site, on the day of the inspection, and for confirmation that these persons have been risk assessed and proof of your internal risk assessment in line with current government guidance. See link below –

Critical Site Inspections are defined as –
Foundations / Structural Installations/ Fire Stopping / Containment / Cavity Barriers / Completions

Non-Critical Inspections – All inspections not classified above please provide photographs of relevant stages. If you are unsure, please contact your CB representative who can give you an inspection framework. Once we receive your photographs we will respond with technical comments and confirmation they have been logged on our system.

We strongly endorse the approach taken by Government. The health and wellbeing of our employees, their families, clients, design team colleagues, contractors and the wider community as a whole continue to be our highest priority and we will take all necessary steps to ensure this. As our service relies on close collaboration with our colleagues in the industry, we would request you update you main Clarke Banks contact with your points of contact as to any specific information relating to your company’s policy regarding Coronavirus / COVID-19.

Clarke Banks are dedicated to maintaining a seamless service during this particularly difficult and uncertain time.

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